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You have current and future needs with respect to your property and for which we take great lengths to understand. We will explore with you the property location and possibilities to maximize the density of your land and create the best and highest use of your property.

Danto Builders and its team have extensive experience working with the cities, building departments, community redevelopment associations, public utilities, Army Corps of Engineers and FDOT.

Therefore, we can assist you in getting zoning changes and applying for variances, i.e. additional units approved or mixed usage versus what might now be on your plans. We can also help you get zoning changes for the type of use for your land, i.e. agricultural or residential to multi-family use.

Land development is one of the most important issues in a project. Every property has both current and future needs, and our goal is to understand both. It can help use to anticipate issues and have a plan in place when we are dealing with the initial stages of a project, instead of waiting to respond to a crisis.

When clients work with us we explore the location of a property and all the possibilities available. We want to maximize the land’s density and achieve its highest use, while keeping the overall project on budget and on time. Our land development experience is extensive and we are proud to say we are one of the premier design build companies in the area and able to help you with your land development needs.

In addition to private land development clients, we have a great deal of experience working with cities. This means we are familiar with zoning changes and challenges, and we are able to apply for variances when needed. This makes it possible to get additional unites approved or allow for mixed usage – whatever will best suit your plans. In the past, we have been able to get zoning changes approved so clients were able to use land zoned for something else to meet their residential, agricultural, business, or multi-family use needs.

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