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Danto Builders, LLC is a Fort lauderdale construction company offering design, build and construction management that provides extensive services to support you in all phases of the construction process.

Our comprehensive list of services includes:

  • Land Development
  • Design Build
  • Construction Management
  • General Construction (New Construction, Interior Build-Outs, Interior & Exterior Renovations, Site Work Improvements and Underground Infrastructures)
    • Pre-construction Planning
    • Construction
See below for more detailed information.

Capability Statement

Danto Builders is a licensed and insured general contractor and Fort Lauderdale construction company with over 40 years of design build experience completing hundreds of projects in the South Florida, Michigan and Texas markets. Our understanding of engineering and design, and practical field experience allow our team to complete the most challenging projects efficiently and effectively from conception and design through construction and completion. Danto Builders is a CBE-, DBE- and WBE-certified company.

Clients We Serve

  • Hospitality (Restaurants, Coffee Houses and Hotels)
  • Healthcare (Hospitals, Medical Offices, Assisted Living Facilities and MRI Centers)
  • Commercial (Office and common area space)
  • Industrial / Warehouse
  • Multi-family
  • Government (Aviation, Multi-family, Office and Parks & Recreation)
  • Retail
  • And More

Land Development

You have current and future needs with respect to your property and for which we take great lengths to understand. We will explore with you the property location and possibilities to maximize the density of your land and create the best and highest use of your property.

Danto Builders and its team have extensive experience working with the cities, building departments, community redevelopment associations, public utilities, Army Corps of Engineers and FDOT.

Therefore, we can assist you in getting zoning changes and applying for variances, i.e. additional units approved or mixed usage versus what might now be on your plans. We can also help you get zoning changes for the type of use for your land, i.e. agricultural or residential to multi-family use.

Design Build

Danto Builders excels at developing your vision onto paper and designing it practically to meet construction requirements, codes and budgets. In this design process, Danto Builders will understand your current and future needs of your project. Given your location and concept, we will create specifications with our design team. The design team will draft the preliminary plans to meet your design and budget goals. With our experienced design build team, we will make suggestions to enhance your project with respect to aesthetics, size, layout, functionality and constructability.

The benefit of design build to investors and owners is that Danto Builders offers integrated solutions from concept and design through construction. Owners will realize communication, time and cost efficiencies through maximizing the collaborative resources available to them.

Construction Management

Selecting, coordinating and managing your architect, engineers and contractors is a serious, time-consuming activity that if done well can save you a significant amount of time and money. Danto Builders are experts at being the liaison between the designers and contractors and ensuring that you have a design that can be constructed within your budget on time.

Danto Builders manages the bidding and construction process with an open-book approach to ensure the highest quality project is delivered for the best price and least risk.

General Contractor—Commercial and Residential

Danto Builders has the experience and ability to build the most challenging commercial, residential and government projects. Our industry expertise includes hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, hospitals, multi-family, banks, offices, warehouses / industrial, shopping centers, tenant build outs, commercial buildings, beauty salons, gas stations, residential, amusement parks / entertainment facilities, aviation, bus transit station, park facilities and schools.

General areas of expertise include:

  • Site work/Improvements and Underground Infrastructures—Water, Sewer, Electrical, Utilities, Landscaping and Paving;
  • New Construction;
  • Interior Build Outs; and
  • Interior and Exterior Renovations;

Danto Builders has been intimately involved in the pre-construction and construction phases. The following walks you through these phases and how Danto Builders may help you.


Pre-construction Planning

Pre-construction planning is critical to understanding and coordinating your project before we commence any work, and having the construction phase running as smoothly as possible.

Preliminary Planning to Meet Design and Budget Goals

We take the time to understand the site and design plans, and point out any construction concerns before the job starts. We work with your architect to make sure that all details are included on the plans so there are no future additional decisions and extra costs added.

Estimated Budgets that You Can Trust

Danto Builders will review your plans and establish a preliminary budget. We’ll analyze costs and recommend the best value for the dollar. We are experts at value engineering plans and suggesting alternate ways to meet your budget without sacrificing quality. Budgets are backed up with competitive bids from our qualified vendors and subcontractors.


Firm Completion Dates that Are Reliable

Danto Builders’ goal is to deliver your project on time, so we establish a critical-path schedule with firm completion dates and keep you informed every step of the way. We have ongoing communications with architects, engineers, subcontractors, banks, inspectors and surveyors, and are proactive in identifying issues in order to prevent delays. Danto Builders understands that time is money, and for businesses you need to get into your building to run your business and make money.

Total Turnkey Construction and Management that Will Put You at Ease

From preliminary plans to the punch list, Danto Builders selects, qualifies, coordinates and manages subcontractors on site and closely monitors projects to ensure quality workmanship and timely construction. We keep you abreast of our progress through daily reports and strive to make you feel comfortable throughout the construction.

Our accounting and job costing are impeccable. Every invoice must be approved and signed by the project manager and owner. Every cost is checked, approved and applied to the job.

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Our Services


Land Development

Land development is one of the most important phases in a project. Every property has both current and future needs, and our goal is to understand both. It can help use to anticipate issues and have a plan in place when we are dealing with the initial stages of a project, instead of waiting to respond to a crisis. Learn More


Design Build

Our design build team in Fort Lauderdale offers professional design, pre-construction, general construction services for commercial projects. Our experience includes design through development and construction. Learn More

Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction management can be a hassle but it does not have to be. Danto Builders can provide you the support, guidance, and project supervision needed to ensure a project runs smoothly. We put a great deal of emphasis on safety and we do everything we can to complete projects within the pre-determined time frame. Learn More


General Contractor

Danto Builders has the experience and ability to build the most challenging commercial, residential and government projects. Whether you have a loose plan in mind, you are just beginning to think about what you might need and if your project is possible, or you are well into lining up what you need, we can help. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle free experience from start to finish. Learn More

Industries We Serve 

Restaurant Design Build

Restaurant design build experts can help you with your project from the ground up. Danto Builders offers professional design and build services to professionals in the restaurant industry

Aviation Construction

Aviation construction in Fort Lauderdale is a specialized industry. If your intention is to complete an aviation building project, Danto Builders has the experience to help.

Hotel Construction

Hotel construction projects can be complex and require the support and guidance of an experienced contractor. Danto Builders can provide what you need and help you complete your project from beginning to end.

Healthcare Construction

Healthcare construction requires specialized skills. Commercial builders must be experienced and able to handle decisions that ultimately affect patient outcomes.

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