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Building Contractors  Testimonials

Our goal as building contractors is to develop long-term partnerships with our clients through offering a single-source solution to assist in real estate acquisition, financing and development to the design, permitting and build of any project. Danto Builders’ single-source solution entails offering value-added services that will help make the process for any project more time and cost efficient.

Mike Stuart, Owner,
Outback Landscape & Maintenance, Inc.

“This is just a short note to let you know that after a 20-year friendship and about 10 years of working with you, it has been a pleasure. I don’t think after all this time that we have ever had a falling out or dispute over anything we’ve ever done together. Not many people can say that. I know that you’ve worked hard to build your reputation to what it is today and I’m sure that it will keep you going for a long time to come, especially since your wife is by your side.”
“Craig, as a businessman myself I’d be happy to work on any job you have. As a friend I’d do just about anything for you.”
Mike Stuart

Owner, Outback Landscape & Maintenance, Inc.

Mario Cote, Owner,
Mario Enterprises Inc.

“It is a pleasure for me to tell a little bit about Craig Danto / Danto Builders. I have been working for Danto Builders for over 10 years and I always have honest, good steady business with Craig, who is really fun to be around with his sense of humor that you can’t get enough of. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who wants the work done well and right.”
“Allo! C’est avec plaisir de parler de Craig Danto / Danto Builders Inc. J’ai la chance de travailler avec Craig pour deja un peu plus de dix ans et non seulement Craig est un grand homme d’affaire avec continuellement une tres bon service et fier de son travail il a un bon sense d’humour ce qui fait qu’il est toujours de tres bonne compagnie.”
Mario Cote,

Owner, Mario Enterprises Inc.

Alexandre Kisselev,
Owner, A Square Developers, LLC.

“Danto Builders approaches every project as a professional company and is a valuable contributor in reaching positive solutions to issues as they arise during the course of projects. I have personally worked with Danto Builders as a subcontractor for the past two years and find them to be professional and knowledgeable in the planning, management and development needs of a project. This company fully understands the high standards of quality that customers require for its properties. It is nice to finally have stability and potential growth of my company. I also appreciate the attention and help of Danto Builder’s office personnel.”
Alexandre Kisselev,

Owner, A Square Developers, LLC

Esteban Kadamani, Owner,
Infinite Windows, LLC

“Its being 2 years working with Danto Builders, and I want you to know that I have never seen such a smart, capable, responsible and professional group of people working together to form this amazing company.”
“Every day, every job we work together reminds me that it not only takes years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers to create a big, stable, recognized company; it also takes for its owners and staff to treat people with respect and consideration.”
“Thank you for your support, friendship and advices and I hope that we continue working together for many years to come.”
“Después de 2 anos de estar trabajando con ustedes, quiero que sepas que nunca en mi vida había trabajado con un grupo de personas tan inteligentes, capaces y responsables como el grupo de personas que tienes trabajando en tu compañía.”
“Cada día, cada trabajo que hacemos juntos me recuerda que no solamente requieres de una compañía con muchos anos de experiencia y cientos de clientes satisfechos; también necesitas tener un grupo de personas que traten a la gente con respeto y consideración.”
“Gracias por tu ayuda, amistad y consejos y espero que sigamos trabajando juntos por muchos anos.”
Esteban Kadamani,

Owner, Infinite Windows, LLC

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