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Our restaurant design build team can help you with your project from the ground up. Danto Builders offers professional design and build services to professionals in the restaurant industry in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida.

Designing and building a restaurant is about more than just choosing color schemes and creating a menu. There is a great deal of technical knowledge that goes into restaurant design build and having an experienced professional to oversee the process right from the beginning can save restaurant owners and investors a great deal of hassle and money.

At Danto Builders, we have a comprehensive understanding of the restaurant industry. We are able to handle complicated design and can ensure your project stays on track – from budget to time to what you have in mind for the end goal. If you are searching for an experienced restaurant design build contractor, we are here to help.

Opening a restaurant or building any type of food service facility is no simple task. We provide a start-to-finish understanding of the entire restaurant design build process, from meeting local zoning requirements to coordinating installation and working with subcontractors. We will do all we can to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget. For more information or to schedule a time to discuss your restaurant build process, contact us today.

Restaurant Design and Build Experts

For Four Generations, Danto Builders Has Driven A Four-Step Process Critical to a Restaurant Design And Build

Step 1: Concept

Your concept drives the decor and menu, which dictates the equipment package. Consider fashion, function and maintenance. Danto Builders excels at creating a design and recommending finishes to deliver on your concept.

Step 2: Equipment

Danto Builders makes sure that you understand every piece of equipment needed for functionality and aesthetics, including the dimension, layout, installation, workflow and technical requirements. This is critical because the equipment makes up the kitchen from which the balance of the restaurant is built and determines high-cost building items such as the plumbing and electrical.

Step 3: Design and Build

Danto Builders restaurant designers create innovative designs that are meant to be built efficiently and effectively. You can save money through sourcing an architect to draw an “as built” based on your design. Detailed plans to code are delivered in order to meet timelines. You receive a lifetime guarantee on structural workmanship.

Step 4: Detailed Budget

Danto Builders provides you with a line-itemized budget. Items can be value engineered if budgets need to be reduced. Updates are provided to make sure you stay on budget.


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