Are you looking for a great builder for your upcoming healthcare construction project? Are you finding it difficult to find quality work in your area? Ready to begin construction and are searching for building contractors in Fort Lauderdale? Danto Builders is here for you! With more than 500 construction and renovation projects under our belts, we have proven to be efficient, affordable and reliable. Read on to find out more about one of our most recent projects and how we can get you the building you’ve been dreaming of!

Isaac Medical Center

Originally from Haiti, a married couple wanting to purchase, design and build their own medical center, put their dream and their future livelihood on the line to build this healthcare facility. The couple, who are primary care doctors, found a building in Deerfield Beach and contacted a bank to start the application process to purchase the building. Before the physicians could be approved by the bank, though, they needed to hire a design build team, redesigning the space and completing the construction. Due to the purchase time required by the seller, the couple had to move very quickly in getting everything done.

A SCORE coach referred the couple to Danto Builders. Moving quickly on our feet, Danto Builders completed the design and provided a qualified bid to the bank in use of their package, getting the couple one step closer to the loan approval they needed. Danto Builders also met the designers and subcontractors at the future healthcare offices, along with the building association for approvals, since there were designs for additional ADA access needed. Danto Builders quickly made multiple calls and meetings with the couple, bank, subcontractors and designers to complete the overall design and estimate, ensuring the couple got the approved loan. The couple’s dream building will begin construction in 2021 and will take three to four months to complete. 

Healthcare Construction

When hiring building contractors in the Fort Lauderdale area and beyond, it’s important to take in all the various jobs and organization that’s required. The contractor’s are responsible for basically everything once they have your approval, and begin getting to work on your future project. There are many things to do, including finalizing your contract, obtaining necessary permits and scheduling inspections, creating schedules for the workers, negotiating material prices, ordering materials, and of course, managing and supervising the construction or renovation itself. 

All with one phone call, you can make or break your construction project. That’s why you don’t want to pick the first contractor you hear or read about. Do your research and read testimonials, such as the one above, about why the company deserves your business. Even being able to check out some of their previous work can go a long way. That’s why we know you’ll pick Danto Builders. 

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No matter the construction job you’re looking at completing, Danto Builders is the leading building contractors in the Fort Lauderdale area. We offer a single-source solution for your design, construction and future management needs. By getting your design and construction all done under one company, you save time and money. Look at it as working with you through the concept of your building to the completion. We have worked on hotels, healthcare buildings, restaurants, warehouses and commercial buildings, just to name a few. Call the best in healthcare construction today!  

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