A design build is a conventional process substitute offered by firms such as Danto Builders to provide full in-house service to their clients. This process allows Fort Lauderdale builders to offer a more seamless build with more efficiency in comparison with traditional processes. This allows us to offer you the whole package: design and construction from a single company, creating a streamlined communication process. Also, in contrast to the traditional model, the design build process provides the ability to complete multiple steps simultaneously, resulting in a more efficient build.


Design Build First Steps  

At this point in the process, the designer will contact the client to assess their requirements and any specifications they have for the build and to decide upon the best course of action with which to accomplish those goals. This allows the architect as well as the contractor to be chosen earlier with the process of design build than would the conventional processes of designing, planning, and building allow. Again, this will streamline the process for the client, and be more economical with your time.


Design Build Next Steps

In the next stages, the architect presents initial designs for the project and an estimate of the cost of the project to the prospective client. Fort Lauderdale builders can use this process to increase the speed of the delivery of a cost estimate to the client, which would only be presented later in the conventional process of building. This also saves you time and makes the process of planning your project much more efficient.


Design Build Final Steps And Beginning Construction

Fort Lauderdale builders using this process are ready to begin construction on your project at this time, even though a company using the conventional process would only now be discussing estimates with their client. Bidding might also be occurring in the traditional process at this time. The project can now be completed at this time for the design and build, although the conventional process would also be seeking building permits at this point, which would have already been obtained at this phase of the process of design build.  After this, the traditional model would also need to select a contractor before construction could begin.  It is evident, given this timeline, that the process of design build is much more efficient, allowing the team to complete and seek final approval from the client much earlier.


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Are you ready to begin your next design build project? Danto Builders in Fort Lauderdale can help you start this process.  Owned by a fourth-generation builder from the area, we have completed hundreds of commercial projects. With all of our experience, you can be sure your project will be well-managed and completed in a timely manner. We specialize in design build projects, and we love design! We offer full service and can walk you through the process from beginning to end. Call or visit us to begin the process today!

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