Design build construction is an approach to development offered by Danto Builders building contractors (Fort Lauderdale), which allows for the merging of many different aspects of the building process. Commercially, both original buildings and renovations commonly use design build construction. Design build construction differs from traditional models in employing a single provider for many services, which would be offered by different providers under the conventional model. This process ensures that all of the professionals working on your build will get along and have heightened communication processes. There are many other aspects where design build construction provides superior service: 


Teamwork in Design Build Construction 

By utilizing a single team, the potential for conflict between professionals on your build is reduced.


Consolidated Contracts 

Design build consolidates many services to one company, such as Danto Builders building contractors (Fort Lauderdale), reducing the need for additional contracts, saving you time and money. 


Order Changing 

As you are hiring a single company for all aspects of the building process, you will encounter fewer instances of needing to change an order. Because all problems can be handled inside a single team, problem-solving is much simpler.


Reduced Cost 

Using one company also reduces the cost of the overall build. With the entire team in house, your build will necessitate fewer order changes, saving you money. 


Streamlined Meetings 

With a sole team handling the entire build, you can reduce the number of meetings required for the project, and they will be less of a hassle overall. Your team can involve all professionals in the planning process to make sure the build is done with all aspects in mind from the very beginning.


An Achievable Build 

The foremost question when beginning a build is often “how achievable is this build?” The design build process mitigates this worry by involving the entire team for the project in the pre-construction process.


More Transparent 

As a single team is spear-heading everything, transparency is much more readily achievable, and the communication with the client can be clearer and more precise. This approach provides better service to clients and encourages repeat business.


Reduced Build Time 

When using the design and build model, everything is in-house, reducing the need to gain approval from several different entities. This system reduces the overall build time significantly.


Increased Potential For Custom Builds 

Because the construction team is located in one company, the customization process is much simpler, especially if you need to make changes to the design. 


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Danto Builders is home to building contractors (Fort Lauderdale) and owned by a 4th generation builder from the area. With hundreds of commercial projects completed, we are the choice in design build construction for your next full service well-planned and on-budget project. Specializing in design build projects, from conception to completion, we love design and are very involved in our community. Call or visit us today to plan your next renovation or build!

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