Before breaking ground on a project, construction planning must first occur. Construction company (Fort Lauderdale) Danto Builders utilizes a specific checklist of items requiring completion before the beginning of a new build, to ensure that all needs of the project are met and analyzed ahead of time. Below you will find that checklist. 


Construction Planning Checklist Items 

  • Assess Engineering
  • Develop Initial Design
  • Scope Responsibilities And Roles
  • Outline Budget
  • Set Construction Schedule


Assess Engineering 

Before any other progress can be made, Danto Builders construction company (Fort Lauderdale) must assess the existing condition of the project site. HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems must be examined to determine whether updates are necessary to the current systems. Completing this step will give you a good foundation going forward.


Develop Initial Design

Once the building site is assessed, designs can begin. The client should be presented with these preliminary designs to get a feel for the appearance and function of the end product. This review will also give the client a sense of how to space furniture and any specialized equipment or accessibility features required by the space.


Scope Responsibilities And Roles 

Once the initial design is solidified, you can begin to define responsibilities and roles for the construction project. This process will clarify who of the stakeholders (contractor, client, building owner, etc.) is responsible for the various responsibilities of the project.


Outline Budget 

Now that a design is confirmed and roles are designated, a budget can be outlined. Be sure to clarify that you are presenting the initial budget as opposed to the final bid. This step can give an understanding of the expected cost of the project, based on current estimates.


Set Construction Schedule 

Once all of the previous steps are completed, you can begin to set the schedule for construction. A rough sketch of the schedule will be helpful for the decisions that lie ahead. The schedule will outline milestones and length of the process for each step of the build.


Our Checklist Creates A More Seamless Building Project

Utilizing this checklist allows you to have a clear overview of all of the steps you must plan before you begin your build. This outline also helps your clients to gain a clearer understanding of the required steps in the process and to define better the roles of the various parties working together to generate the final product. Your clients will then have a more practical idea of the possibilities of the build, as well as a clearer image of the finished product before you begin building.


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