Residential rents in Florida are 43% lower than in New York City.  With such a significant cost of living reduction, there’s a good reason to move your business to South Florida. When it comes to moving your business, Danto Builders has you covered. They are the best commercial builders in the South Florida area. 


Danto Builders truly cares about their customers, which is why they walk clients through each step of a project.  They have 40 years of experience, and hundreds of happy customers. If you’re ready to move your business to the South Florida area, you’ll be happy you chose to work with Danto. 


Why Move To South Florida? 


If you haven’t yet moved your business, here is why you might want to think about it. There are considerable tax savings in Florida, up to 13% cheaper than taxes in New York. 


Research has also proven the role of sunshine in helping depression, as the rate of serotonin production is directly related to the duration of sunlight. Where else will you find more than in the Sunshine State?


Not everyone thinks about the effects of a region’s talent pool on their business. This can play a significant role when choosing where to call home. The University of Miami has a celebrated medical program which ranks #49 nationally. Local colleges produce hundreds of thousands of professionals each year. 


Miami is also a great city for business connections to Europe and South America. Forbes labeled Miami the best city for small business growth in 2019. Factors including annual revenue, the business’ credit score, and how long they’d been operating were taken into account during the evaluation. A 2017 report by BizJournal found southern Florida was among the most affordable areas for entrepreneurs to start a business.  


What Makes Danto The Best Construction Company In Fort Lauderdale? 

Why choose Danto Builders? Danto is owned by a 4th-generation builder from Fort Lauderdale. Danto’s passion for their projects can be seen in everything they do. 

Danto has completed hundreds of commercial projects including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and healthcare buildings. What makes Dantos unique is that they see your project through from conception to completion. 

Danto’s excellent project management guarantees your design project will be under-budget, well-planned and completed on-time. Dantos loves what they do, and specialize in commercial design and construction. Danto has successfully acquired, developed, planned, designed and built commercial and residential projects throughout the U.S. for over forty years. 

Danto is not just another business; they are also very involved with their community. They operate events like the “Big Bad BBQ” for their neighbors. Danto also inspired students by attending Career Day at Attucks Middle School. Their COO Debbie Danto serves as the Chair of the Oakland Park Wilton Manors Uptown Council. 

Their team of professionals builds with turnkey solutions in mind. Whether you want to renovate an existing property, build on undeveloped land, or create an entirely new project, Danto has your back. 

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Ready to move your business to South Florida? As Fort Lauderdale’s best construction company, Dantos is here to help. Call or visit them today to learn more. 


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