How will healthcare look five years down the road? Anticipating the needs of tomorrow can be done today. In 2017, nearly 800 students from the U.S. and Canada took on this challenge, as part of Steelcase’s NEXT Student Design Competition. Each student was tasked with designing a medical office building in an industrial part of Seattle while incorporating spaces inspired by nature. They also had to consider how employees could collaborate, engage, and become productive in this space.

Competition winner Caitlyn Cathcart of Southern Illinois University said the competition gave her the opportunity to grow, and that the “depth of the project pushed [her] to accomplish things [she] never had before.” Ms. Cathcart’s design welcomes visitors with an open reception area that’s bright and nature-inspired for a calming experience. 

Dantos Builders applies that same mentality to their medical office building designs.  The use of fluorescent lighting in their reception areas creates a well-lit space for visitors. The reception counter is open for easy access to the receptionist, and plants on the desk create a calming feel to the environment. 

If you’re seeking general contractors in the Fort Lauderdale area, you’ll want to speak with Dantos Builders. 

Why Open-Space Designs?

Today’s workforce has changed. Employers may find themselves trying to attract workers from diverse age groups. A 2019 Gensler study found that employees increasingly value on-demand private spaces, an open space plan, and relevant amenities. 

Dantos has experience designing buildings like these. They have created wait rooms where visitors sit in comfort and watch TV or read magazines. 

Dantos also incorporated natural elements, and focused on how they could use lighting  to create an optimal customer experience. Unique string lights hang from the ceiling in their Boynton Center facility, while a fern plant provides a relaxing atmosphere. 

The best General Contractors in Fort Lauderdale

Danto is owned by a 4th-generation builder from Fort Lauderdale. Their passion for medical office building projects can be seen in everything they do. 

They have completed hundreds of commercial projects including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and healthcare buildings. What makes Dantos unique is that they see your project through from conception to completion. Their excellent project management guarantees your design project will be completed under-budget and within deadline constraints. Dantos loves what they do, and specialize in designing and building. Danto has successfully acquired, developed, planned, designed and built commercial and residential projects throughout the U.S. for four generations. 

Danto is more than just a business. They are also extremely involved in their community. They operate events like the “Big Bad BBQ” for their neighbors as well as inspiring students during Career Day at Attucks Middle School. Danto COO Debbie Danto also serves as the Chair of the Oakland Park Wilton Manors Uptown Council. 

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In need of a general contractor for your next medical office building project? Call the professionals at Danto. They’re here to serve their neighbors in Fort Lauderdale, and offer total turnkey solutions for your home or business. Whether you want to build an entirely new property, or upgrade an existing one, there is no better choice than Dantos.

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