In 2021, the design and way buildings are being utilized is definitely changing. With covid regulations in place, along with more innovative designs and technologies, medical construction is going through a new phase. Danto Builders in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, know this better than anyone as we specialize in designing and constructing new commercial properties for years. Our Fort Lauderdale building contractors have completed hundreds of buildings over our forty years experience, giving us an edge on what outpatient clinic buildings need to succeed in today’s market.


What’s Changing

For many medical office buildings, it was a simpler and easier construction job as most offices would be outfitted for maximum leasing flexibility and near a hospital with a formal yet subdued interior. But medical office buildings are morphing out of this real estate deal and into a more inclusive, continuum of care for clients, whether that’s a private development model or a partnership between a hospital and private practices. With the Affordable Healthcare Act in 2012 penalizing hospitals for high Medicare readmission rates, came a shift in thinking and providing care for clients. Rather than focusing on treating symptoms, more efforts are being made to treat the underlying condition more thoroughly to not be aiding the issues but rather treating the whole problem, thus rewarding practices where clients aren’t returning and seeking ongoing treatment. 

There is more of a push for hospitals and healthy systems to reduce the cost of providing care while simultaneously improving patient outcomes overall, leading many medical office buildings to become more complex in structure. Floor designs are becoming less boxy and instead are larger, combining primary care, urgent care, specialty clinics, imaging, social services, labs, a pharmacy and sometimes even ambulatory surgery, all under one roof. A lot of medical fields are becoming more collaborative and integrative as people are living longer and chronic conditions are rising. 


Medical Construction

Creating medical office buildings that are more centrally located to people is key to new buildings. You may have already noticed a rise in walk-in clinics, which can be easily constructed almost anywhere, and can often be found in shopping malls and centers for even easier access. Having these buildings on ground floors with easy front access make them ideal for people seeking treatments and tests, as they most often may need assistance or prefer an easier way of accessing the clinic. Keep in mind that medical office buildings will require more power than most business locations, so be sure to double check the HVAC ductwork and the main electrical capacities of pre-existing buildings, as it may be easier to build from the ground up if the power can’t keep up with your future medical needs. Newer medical office buildings are trying to decrease the overall work involved for both doctors and clients, looking for solutions in providing faster and easier access to all tests and specialists. This new line of thinking is creating spaces where clients can book longer appointment times at one location, and have the doctors in those office spaces come in and meet with them throughout the longer session, rather than having to book and travel to different medical offices for several shorter but farther destinations. This saves time for both the doctor and the client, making it a more organized and rounded experience. 


A New Age In Medicine

What may make the processes even easier for clients is the fact that many medical offices are utilizing more digital applications in their new buildings, having self-service check-in kiosks, exam room occupancy sensors and patient-location tracking systems, making the potential new building contain less lobby space and utilizing the floor plans for maximum office space. Remember to keep in mind that the aesthetics of the new medical office building will need to be kicked up a notch in regards to decor, giving it a more spa or hotel-like feel as opposed to the traditional, neutral colored clinics. Making the atmosphere more inviting creates a better overall experience for clients, especially if they are seeking more longer term care with their chronic conditions. Having a warmer, more cozy lobby and exam rooms keeps stress levels down which benefits clients as well. Most Fort Lauderdale building contractors will jump at the chance to create a more unique, inviting space for future clients, putting their creativity to better use. What will also potentially get your contractors excited is the ability to incorporate more green sustainability in the construction of a medical office building, as this is a growing trend in most new structures. These ideals can include anything from super-efficient HVAC systems to bike racks to electric-vehicle charging stations, depending on your city and client’s needs. 


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