Are you looking around your older business and seeing nothing but remodeling projects? Or struggling to figure out how you want to design your new business? If you’re sick of searching for a general contractor near me with little results, don’t fret! Here at Danto Builders, we are your one-stop shop from conception through completion of your business or commercial project. Read on to find out what Danto Buildings in Fort Lauderdale can do for you and how to contact us


The Beginning of a Project

Most commercial builders understand that sometimes the hardest part of building isn’t the actual building, but nailing down what the building is going to look like. It’s hard to make a building stand out without having a lot of different, intricate details that can make the actual construction part a pain. For any Fort Lauderdale builder, you want to be reasonable in your designs, want a building to stand out, and ensure the company isn’t paying too much for their new building. 


Danto Builders understands these frustrations, but we don’t worry as we have designed and completed hundreds of commercial projects, such as hotels, retail, banks, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, medical offices, healthcare, shopping centers, even aviation buildings! Danto Builders understand how important your concepts are for your commercial project, that’s why we can help you design the building of your dreams. 


A General Contractor Near Me…

… With a heart. Danto Builders are about quality work, and about quality community involvement. Owned by a 4th generation builder from the Fort Lauderdale area, Danto Builders prides ourselves on continuing to help our homeland and community. From being a member of the Chamber of Commerce to being involved in local schools, Danto Builders give back.


The same level of care we put into the community, we put into your commercial project. Our team of staff are highly trained in all aspects of building, including real estate acquisition, financing, land development, estimating jobs, design, accounting and project management. Although we have Fort Lauderdale builders, we have built commercial projects throughout the United States, priding ourselves on great time management to keep projects flowing successfully so they will be on time and on budget. 


We Offer Excellence

We at Danto Builders will walk you through the entire single-source process. We pride ourselves on our concept through completion process, helping clients through the early phases of designing and developing a plan, to building the commercial project and beyond with construction management. We are full service and with our single-source solution, you receive value-added services that streamlines the building process, helping you save time and money. 


Whether you have just the beginnings of a building concept or simply an idea, Danto Builders can help get your dream building onto paper and beyond. We will listen to what you can and can’t have, and assess the land ready for the commercial project. Our design team will create the preliminary plans to meet your design and budget goals, offering any advice or making necessary draft changes. Once the plans are set, our Fort Lauderdale builders are off running, getting the project off the ground in an efficient, conscientious manner to deliver the results you’re looking for. 


Contact Us

Ready to open that business you’ve always been thinking of? Want a streamlined, professional company with years of experience? Contact Danto Builders right now to schedule your commercial project in Fort Lauderdale and beyond. You’ll never have to search for a general contractor near me again!

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