There lie diversified approaches to restaurant design build, with each restaurant attempting to give itself a unique look. We have assimilated here the considerations and complexities concerning restaurant designing. Danto Builders, a commercial construction company, explains what you need to keep in mind if you are looking to develop a new restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.


Concept Development for Design Build

The concept development for a restaurant is a huge process and includes remodeling, design, planning, etc. From conducting market research to brand portfolio management, this development covers a wide range of considerations. Irrespective of your need to renovate your existing restaurant or create a new prototype, the development of concept stands as your first step. One must understand its importance and involve a reputed commercial construction company.

Design Budget


The first concern that pops into question when it comes to restaurant designing projects is, of course, the budget plans. Though the expenditure depends entirely on the projects being handled, it may oscillate from high budgets to lower ones; we have listed some basic rules.


  • Restaurants are usually constructed on an estimated level, maintaining a budget plan of $85-$300 per square foot. 
  • The overall expenditure for restaurant designing should not go beyond 10% of the construction budget.
  • The restaurant designing budget will depend on the type of diner you want to build. For instance, if you’re going to own a grand dining restaurant, spending more per square foot doesn’t seem worthless. 


Restaurant Design Considerations


There is no comprehensive study of the essential elements that should be considered for restaurant design. The modern-day restaurant concepts do not just revolve around good food and service. Several other factors build up their identity and aids in their success. 


  • Brand personality and promises


The word “brand” is not a foreign term to most of us. You need to specify your brand’s identity- focusing on its set of promises and its distinctions. Personalize your brand through proper programming, and make it stand apart from all other existing brands.


  • Uniforms


The uniform of the employees plays a vital role in the brand name and reputation. Each of the employees is the representative of the brand they work for. A uniquely and adequately designed uniform for them is connected to the overall process of restaurant design.


  • Restaurant menu design


Do you know what defines a restaurant more than anything else? The menu. Again, the menu should not be considered a mere listing of the available cuisines and their corresponding prices. What if you visit a restaurant and you find half of the words in the menu illegible? Will there be a good impression of the restaurant? The answer is no. Designing a fine menu is a part of the restaurant designing procedure. From the size of the menu to the font used, every element should be taken into consideration to facilitate brand personality. 


  • Lighting designs


The type of lighting one sees at their office cabin is certainly not the same one would prefer to see in a restaurant. A proper lighting plan is an essential element that you should consider for restaurant design. 


  • Aroma designs


Who would like to step into a restaurant and breathe in the smell of a filthy mop? No, one. If anything, that smell would make people lose their appetite. Keeping this in mind, for restaurant designing, remember that aromas are unimaginably effective. They can drive away customers, or it can ignite the appetite of the customers. 


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