Construction is essential in building skyscrapers and residential homes. Today, construction work is gradually becoming a lucrative venture all around the world. It encompasses so much more than building buildings; from constructing roads, real estate, industrial, commercial to erecting buildings in rural and urban areas, construction work is an important field necessary to our safety.

Do you have an ongoing building project? If you seek answers to questions concerning building, Danto Builders is a construction company in Fort Lauderdale with all the answers. We have experienced Fort Lauderdale builders who have completed hundreds of commercial projects: hotels, restaurants, retail and office buildings, healthcare buildings, hospitals, medical offices, aviation buildings, etc. Do you have questions about construction work? This article answers all. Let’s dive in!

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Construction Company?

Like other industries, the construction industry has several departments that perform various functions. Though the major responsibility of a construction organization is to construct or build, it has other roles as well:

  • Financial management: The company delegates financial experts to calculate construction costs. Also, it entails the labor cost of workers, buying, and renting of large equipment for construction.
  • Carpentry works and cabinets: Several construction companies deliver woodwork services and cabinetry.
  • Architectural designs: In construction companies, engineers work alongside architects to build masterpieces. The architect makes the blueprint of building structure designs for resident owners.
  • Electrical and plumbing: Electrical and plumbing works are quite crucial in construction. Electrical engineers collaborate with plumbers and construction companies to provide your homes with electrical and plumbing fittings.

What Are The Differences That Exist Between Commercial And Residential Projects?

  • Property use: Many people misconstrue commercial construction work for residential. Commercial projects are profitable business ventures that entail the construction of supermarkets, factories, etc. Commercial construction companies are often larger than their counterpart, residential companies. The methodology employed by commercial organizations varies, requiring proficiency. Residential construction specializes in the erection of homes, apartments, and condominiums for living. 

Fort Lauderdale builders deal with both commercial and residential building projects.

  • Equipment needed in building works: Large-scale buildings, especially in the industrial sector, require cutting-edge technology and equipment. You need cranes and other advanced devices for productive work and results. You do not need complex equipment to erect residential edifices, just simple ones.
  • Codes and permits: Specific rules and regulations guide all forms of construction works. Nevertheless, these guidelines vary from one to the other, with commercial construction strictly adhering to these rules versus residential, which is more relaxed. Fort Lauderdale builders can help with this.

Other Differences

  • Cost: Commercial construction is more expensive than residential buildings, even if they are of the same size. The cost difference is a significant disparity as this determines the number of people that can work on a project. Commercial properties are often supported by government agencies and corporations, while individuals finance residential properties.
  • Work pace: Compared to residential buildings, commercial builders work fast and with great precision. This requires experienced labor.

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