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You can’t build the restaurant of your dreams all by yourself; you’re going to need some help. From establishing a budget that balances your vision with manageable costs to sticking to that budget, this process can only be pulled off by the pros. Go with restaurant contractors who have knowledge and experience in spades. We are prepared to pursue your dreams and goals to their full realization and work with you if anything needs adjusting. Check out the price lists at Danto Builders in Fort Lauderdale to begin making your dream restaurant a reality.

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Whether you’re building from the ground up or only making subtle changes to an existing space, we can help you.

We make sure to leave no stone unturned during the pre-design stage. Goals, branding, and a budget window are established during this phase in addition to anticipated logistical challenges and ways to improve upon your direct competitors’ choices.

The schematic phase is where you get to see a preview of your final space. This usually means rendering a 3D virtual tour, allowing you to enter the restaurant from the customer’s point of view. The customer must be led naturally to where they are meant to go and the space looking aesthetically pleasing.

The Design Phase

Once the plans are signed off, it’s time to design the individual details. You might wonder how the trim on the counter is connected to HVAC, but we believe that every element is intimately connected. Any variable that looks out of place in the equation must be adjusted until everything matches.

This leads directly into the construction drawings phase, where you can take the layout and instructions for your restaurant and take bids from general contractors. The plans usually gain additional instructions, the closer you get to construction so that different team members can work with the utmost coordination. Always keep your drawings up to date, no matter how small the change. Imagine deciding that one detail should be different, but one member of your team is working without any knowledge of it! You’re going to want to avoid that headache.

Permits and Construction

We know buildings, and we know what it means to be up-to-code. Too many realtors try to get away with turning over property that isn’t, and you’re left holding the bag. Rest assured, we have an intimate knowledge not only of building codes but also of healthcare requirements for any new restaurateur looking to open their business. Don’t skimp on this important step, or it could come back to bite you later.

You’ll want to allow some time getting the necessary permits – all the while, you may still have contractors bidding on your project. Do not let a day go by where an element is changed without you recording it, and always be ready to repeat your desired timing and expected goals. General contractors will be impressed and motivated when they see someone who knows their goals back to front.

Construction should have you on-site at all times. HVAC should be tested when the installation is complete and after the addition of other elements. You never know what can affect the ventilation and airflow inside! Luckily for you, a design team you can trust will be with you every step of the way. It would be impossible for any one person to keep every detail in their mind at all times.

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No dream restaurant cannot become a reality. That is our belief. Let us do the grunt work for you. For restaurant contractors, you can trust, contact Danto Builders in Fort Lauderdale.

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